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  • Aku budak sekolah sains tapi benci sains .Aku benci matematik gilebabi tapi dipaksa belajar matematik .Aku pun taktahu bila aku ada hak untuk membenci .


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See the tajuk ? SPM weh ... another couples of months to go and guess what? I haven't prepared a thing except 'preparing for the worst thing yet could happen ' . THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN THINKING RIGHT NOW .Feeling slightly down and wish that I could pretend as if I'm not being bothered bout it though .
   Haih . milkysmile If only the clock's hand can move inversely and if only I was born with a more useful brain that I able to invent such a time machine that I once saw in TV so that I could travel back to the time when I was in Form 4 -I'LL MAKE A VOW TO MYSELF TO BE MORE SERIOUS IN MY STUDIES AND PROMISE NOT TO MAKE SUCH STUPID DELINQUENT ACT AT SCHOOL ANYMORE

 Damn , what a 'too late to regret feeling' just now .*feeling pissed*   milkysmile I realised this fact that I'm sitting for my SPM this year all the time but unfortunately , the urge to study ... well, i shall give it a name which is 'MR.STUDY MODE' -he didn't appear the moment I needed him the most (which is right now) to blow and reset my mind to study and keep studying until I forgot to take my meals for the whole day .(btw ,not taking any foods for day?sounds impossible for me since I've got a bottomless tummy down there and being known as 'THE BIG EATER' among my schoolmates -_-)
 JUST WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ? I DO WANT TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING GREAT IN MY LIFE ACHIEVEMENT ! BUT ME , MYSELF CURRENTLY DIDN'T HAVE THE INITIATIVE TO WORK HARDER AND MAN , WHAT SHOULD I DO RIGHT NOW? milkysmile and I even end up posting my wishful thoughts in ENGLISH on this blog (quite unusual for me .I'd prefer Malay in conveying my feelings) Pfffffffft.Such a pathetic of me . milkysmile


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